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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of it self."    Henry Ford

How much downpayment do I need for a Small Business Loan?

Generally, you need 10%. Some businesses may require a higher downpayment.


I have already purchased my equipment. Can I refinance my equipment?

Yes. The AWM Financing team can assist with this request.


Do you provide services to businesses that require capital to purchase on-going inventory?

Yes. Products such as Business Lines of Credit that are revolving may make more sense for you.


Can you help finance with bad credit scores?

No. Lenders will usually require a 650+ credit score.


Can you help finance an Airplane?



I am looking for funding to make a film? Do you finance movies?

At AWM, we have a fund dedicated for films. Our Film Production team will be able to help you.

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